Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Walker Never Seriously Pressed On Doe Emails

Weeks have passed without state media successfully pushing Gov. Walker for substantive answers about his knowledge, and any use, of the secret, Open Records' evading campaign Internet system installed a few feet from his Milwaukee County Executive office door.

Saying Walker should answer is one thing. Aggressively using opportunities, or creating them to take charge of the conservation is another.

But Walker ignored and waited media out, and won, maintaining the same strategic silence as did the convicted felons from his staff who used or covered up the system on his behalf,  and for other GOP candidates and operatives.

From top to bottom, a disciplined, focused, tested group with a boss quite skilled in escaping accountability from media who too oftenflinch - - though there are exceptions without whom we'd know even less - - at pursuing it.


Anonymous said...

Most of the time, it seems to me that the media in Wisconsin is more concerned with being nice-- Wisconsin, homey, nice and friendly-- rather than hitting hard with truthful, tough reporting.

Anonymous said...

And amazingly he's still going to be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

I've questioned a media friend on this and have been told that it's a stalemate because he refuses to answer the questions asked of his involvement. When I suggested that the media should at least bring his possible entanglement with illegal activities to the public's attention and let them draw their own conclusion I was once again told it's a stalemate and therefor a dead issue. What has become of investigative journalism or regular journalism for that matter. With this attitude Nixon and Watergate would have never been revealed. So much of government is now hidden behind closed doors and bought by money that a vigilant media is now needed more than ever. It is my hope that a media resource will give Cullen, Schultz and Jaunch, upon their retirement from the legislature ,watchdog status and allow them to comment on pending legislation and the goings-on at the Capitol.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Yes media. How DARE you draw a conclusion based on things you know. Better to just "objectively" shrug your shoulders and give the spin to people who don't know anything about the subject.

Just like that article over the weekend feigning confusion over Wisconsin's grating workforce. Gee, you think low pay and backwards social and economic policies might be playing a role?

Our media must pay dearly for their willful negligence of the public trust