Friday, May 23, 2014

Two States' Attorneys General Prove Less Has Greater Appeal

On equal rights, public spending and moral example, you choose the leader:

The ideologue, with public money to burn:

Madison — Anticipating the state could soon lose its attempt to uphold Wisconsin's gay marriage ban, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen took the unusual step Friday of asking a federal judge to immediately block her own decision if she does strike down the ban. 
Normally, lawyers wait until a judge enters a decision before asking for a stay. Van Hollen's motion seems to concede the state will lose the case, at least initially.
The pragmatist, same week, with public and political capital to bank:
Pennsylvania's ban on gay marriage was overturned by a federal judge Tuesday in a decision that legalizes same-sex marriage throughout the Northeast. Pennsylvania's Attorney General Kathleen Kane says she won't appeal.

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