Tuesday, May 6, 2014

William Iwen Guest Post On DNR, Mega-Farming 'Regulation'

I am always pleased to distribute guest posts by activists around the state. I've addressed some of the matters, but Algoma resident William Iwen lives closer to ground zero, and has this to say:
Increasing numbers of citizens in Kewaunee County see the DNR as a totally broken department.  By all appearances, the DNR has become the partner and working arm of the Dairy/CAFO [Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations] Industry.

It has also been "heard in the street" that Governor Walker is likewise talking with the hog CAFO industry. 

Because of the hog porcine epidemic virus (PED)  (that is killing millions of hogs in Iowa and across the U.S.) this industry is looking for new, more spacious homes.

Wisconsin essentially offers free precious ground water by installing High Cap Wells (getting a license for a High Cap Well is a "slam dunk" with our present government and a dysfunctional DNR as long as industry $$$ and influence is accessible). 

Wells, cooler temperatures and a government that is encouraging industry to move in with a "no holds barred" culture is already increasing the number of Dairy CAFOs along with the numbers of cows.

For example, here in Kewaunee County we now have 76,000+ cows with another estimated 30,000+ by 2016!  

It is becoming a common belief system that Citizens United/ALEC/Americans for Prosperity are the present administration's puppet masters. Big vertically integrated industrialized agriculture (with $$ billions under their control) have this administration's complete attention and obedience.

The environment and human citizens are no more than "collateral damage" getting in the way of massive greed-driven profits that benefit only a few (and who are very likely carefully out-sourcing their ill-begotten profits far away from any governmental oversight)!

The next few years may be very dramatic and traumatic...time will tell what the "big boyz" and our "government" are up to!

Through education of the masses, we can demand and make changes come true!  FORWARD!

Also: Check this link out for your continuing education...See page 41 for sure and you will see how deeply politicized key areas of our government have become...but all 42 pages are excellent!

- - - - William Iwen, Algoma, WI

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Anonymous said...

I suggest you all vote Walker out come November. And start talking to his probable challenger Mary Burke about who should be running the DNR. And don't forget to contact your legislators often - they need to hear from you. And as an aside, since wages were cut under ACT 10, DNR is having a very hard time hiring anyone to fill the many vacancies created when 1/3 of staff retired prior to passage of ACT 10. Who needs the grief for that little money?