Sunday, May 11, 2014

N. Korean Leader's Racism = Some US Tea Partiers' Signs

Kim Jong Un delivers a racist, "wicked black monkey" rant against Pres. Obama.

Perhaps some inspiration in these homegrown US images, here?


Anonymous said...

This guy must be an evolutionist and not a creationist.

Makes sense from a GOD-less nation.

Fertile missionary ground. Onward Christian soldiers!

Anonymous said...

So America, as a "Christian Nation" allows the children to go hungry, veterans to be homeless, has large numbers of racists and praises greed and wealth pseudo gods and you are blaming the racism of Korea's leader on his godless nation?? As Rich White has said a number of times;"You can't fix stupid"!

Anonymous said...

If you think we have it bad here in America, where sin exists in every man Christian or otherwise, you could move to North Korea.

Christ did come here to cure the world. He came here to pay for your sins and reconcile your rotten sinful nature with a perfection so that any man or woman could stand in the presence of GOD.

Even Kim can come to faith and renounce his sinfulness. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

A. Wag said...

Does that statement then infer that Dennis Rodman is a "wicked good black monkey?" Jest askin'