Thursday, May 22, 2014

US Senators Oppose Racist Team Name, But In WI...

Once players begin to take a stand - - as have 50 Democratic Party members of the US Senate today (minus any Republicans, of course, and shame on the five cowardly racism-enabling Democrats who chickened out) - - the slur that is the name and face of my home town professional football team will finally be erased.

If the NBA can ban a racist owner, the NFL in 2014 can get rid of a racist symbol that infects the league's credibility and degrades every team-related piece of memorabilia, merchandise and news coverage.

Further delay by team owner Daniel Snyder and the league is inexcusable.

No professional sports team would create and advertise a symbol, logo or nickname equally insulting to any other race, religion, ethnic or minority group.

Though in Wisconsin - - true story - - Gov. Scott Walker and his legislative allies - - egged by right-wing talk radio - - actually wrote and signed a 2013 state law making it easier for local Wisconsin schools to retain racist team and school identities.

Run for President on that, Governor.

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Boxer said...

That's becuz in Wisconsin, the unofficial motto of the Walker Administration is: "Racists 'R Us!"