Friday, May 9, 2014

Randa, Roberts Rules Of Disorder: With The Spoils Goes The Victory

US Dist. Court Judge Rudolph Randa's pro-Walker rulings this week, if upheld, will free the wealthy in tandem with recent US Supreme Court rulings to directly control US elections.

As they did in the Walker - - Barrett recall election of 2012.

In which Walker spent $59 million to Barrett's $22 million - - close to a 3:1 advantage.

And Randa' is blocking as effort to learn if Walker's people played by the rules.

An outrage on top of an even larger one - - that so-called free speech is the new currency with which buying election is blessed.

No longer is it "to the victor goes the spoils," but rather with the spoils goes the victory.


Paul Berge said...

Just wait until the Supremes rule that bribery is a form of political free speech.

Anonymous said...

In partisan elections money has little influence these days because we're so polarized politically that the "undecided" block is insignificant. It's all about voter turnout of your base in your district if you are of the majority party.

Gareth said...

"It's all about voter turnout of your base in your district"

Yes and that's where the big money for negative ads comes into play, to suppress voter turnout. That's why money has greater influence than ever because it is heavily targeted at a smaller portion of the electorate. More bang for the bucks, so to speak.