Friday, May 30, 2014

Right-Wing Activists, Seeking Activist Judge, Go County-Shopping

[Updated, 2:35 p.m.] Waukesha, defacto capital of FitzWalkerstan, is the new, go-to county for right-wingers with lawyers.

And speaking of lawyers, do we correctly assume that The Wisconsin GOP & Friends has stopped undermining trial lawyers these days?


Anonymous said...

Would it be a surprise to learn that plenty of old-school, traditional business Republicans (and potential RINOs) have been made nervous by Walker's releasing of ugly populist resentment and crackpot libertarianism. Tax breaks aren't everyth├Čng or the only thing that matters.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anonymous, it would be a surprise. That's because they're silent. I also want to believe in Bigfoot, but now that the last reasonable Republican legislator has been run out of office -- without a sound from other alleged reasonable Republicans -- I have as much evidence of them as I have of Bigfoot.

Oh, wait: There are photos of Bigfoot.

So, we haven't heard from them, but perhaps you've seen some? If so, please post photos of reasonable Republicans. Even shadows scuttling into hiding in dark woods would be a start.