Thursday, May 29, 2014

Karma Catches Up With The Former Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves...

And one sportswriter dumps all over the team, the league and 'process' by which The Braves found a new stadium and site:
Amazing news out of Cobb County! The new Braves ballpark is a political shitstorm and a mockery of the democratic process. That's not the news. The news is just how transparent of a sham this all is. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
At a packed public meeting, county commissioners approved a series of seven legal agreements with the team, and several community agencies that will be involved in building, operating and paying for a new $622 million ballpark in the Cumberland Mall area. The meeting was over within two hours, and the commissioners approved the deals without questions or debate.

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Sue said...

Deadspin has been talking about what a mass transit nightmare this is going to be, because apparently Cobb County has the same attitude toward m.t. as your typical Milwaukee suburb.