Saturday, May 24, 2014

Antarctic Ice Melt Would Produce Permanent Inundation

Picture a sea-level rise equalling the surge from a permanent Superstorm Sandy, says a prominent, "registered Republican" climate scientist:

Last week, we learned from two separate research teams that the ice sheet of West Antarctica, which comprises just one relatively small part of Antarctic ice overall but contains enough frozen water to raise global sea levels by some 10 or 11 feet, has been irrevocably destabilized. \ 
Scientists have long feared that of all the planet's great ice sheets, West Antarctica would be the first to go, because much of it is marine-based—the front edge of the ice sheet is bathing in increasingly warm water, which is melting it from beneath.
Then add in Greenland, also at risk, and you get more than twice as much sea level rise.

Then...I guess you call Pat Sajak and say the puzzle has been solved.

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Max B. said...

I wouldn't put too much money on the scientific cred of Pat Sajak: he delegates the turning of the letters to Vanna White, i.e. he's even more useless on that useless show than she is.