Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So-Called Sloppy Process Gets WI Pols More Lobbyists' Checks

Wisconsin Legislature, Gov. Walker, state politics go all Gordy Barry:

Give them money, that's what they want…

Expanded a bit at Purple Wisconsin:
So-called bill-writing sloppiness is rewarded in the state that is now wide-open to money and monkey-business as the Wisconsin Legislature, Gov. Walker, and state politics in general go all Gordy Barry
With the Government Accountability Board as back-up singers. 
Give them money, that's what they want... 
Let the lobbyists' checks rain down. 
And no doubt the far-right, which always bashes the GAB, will love it tomorrow - - and apologies to The Shirelles, who deserve better.

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Betsy said...

Could our legislators be required to wear shirts (or jackets or hats) with the logo of those who have paid up? The size of the logo could vary from the biggest logo for the most money handed over to the smallest logo for a tiny bag of cash. Legislators would probably look like pro-golfers on tour, but at least it would help us little guys when we want to follow the money!