Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mary Burke Delivers Solid Jab


Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday defended Republican initiatives to curb violence in Milwaukee, a day after gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke charged that GOP lawmakers "take voter suppression more seriously than the violence suppression."
Walker wants credit for signing a bill to fund a crime-fighting program, ShotSpotter:
Walker...noted that he signed bipartisan legislation to fund the Milwaukee Police Department's ShotSpotter program that verifies and pinpoints the location of gunfire. 
But...Walker first withheld the funding:
The details, as reported by the Journal Sentinel:
ShotSpotter: The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee rejected an attempt to restore $445,400 from a community policing grant for the Police Department's ShotSpotter program. Walker had not included the money in his budget. 
Then Walker signed it, but at a lessened level.

So, advantage Burke on a day when Walker got called out in The Wall Street Journal for opportunism.

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Anonymous said...

Some How Scott Walker's action does not surprise me as he has done this before.

Remember the Wakenhut connection when he fired the Union workers claiming it was going to save Milwaulke county money...

What, you missed that one?

Rachel Maddow archived her coverage of that one.

Want to review it?

You'll find the You Tube Video up on my web. link is below:

if not clickable just highlight it and click mouse to go to it.