Friday, February 1, 2013

WI Mining Bill Degrades US/Canadian Water Agreement

Does the Wisconsin legislature - - forging ahead with a mining bill that will allow wetlands' filling and acidic mine runoff into the Lake Superior watershed - - know, or care, that US and Canadian officials just updated their international agreement that aims to reduce Great Lakes pollution and increase the water quality? From the US EPA:

On Sept. 7, 2012, Canada and the United States amended the Agreement. The updated Agreement facilitates United States and Canadian action on threats to Great Lakes water quality and includes measures to prevent ecological harm.
New provisions address the nearshore environment, aquatic invasive species, habitat degradation, and the effects of climate change. It also supports continued work on existing threats to people's health and the environment in the Great Lakes basin such as harmful algae, toxic chemicals, and discharges from vessels.
Thanks to this fine posting by Gary Wilson at Great Lakes Echo for the reference.


Lisa said...

I think this is Scott Walker's divide and conquer on job creation. He knows it will take forever, if ever, to get this through the lawsuits that will be filed by the Tribe. That's why he doesn't care about their imput, not that he would anyway. This way, when his lousy job record is questioned he can say, "Hey, I tried to create jobs, but the Indians wouldn't let me."

rs said...

Are we missing a bait-and-switch job here? Maybe there's no real interest in mining this range for ore (a mineral, by the way, that this company has never mined before). Maybe the goal is to change the law to be able to mine other areas for other things and this is just a diversion to get a bill passed. Perhaps that's why is doesn't matter if the Native Americans block the mining in Ashland, they really aren't interested in that site anyway. Can you or someone else look into that possibility?

Anonymous said...

Good question