Sunday, February 3, 2013

Progress On Streetcars in Cincinnati And Milwaukee

Seems that Cincinnati has resolved some utility and costs issues:

City & Duke Energy Reach Streetcar Agreement

Duke Energy To Begin Moving Its Utilities

Today, Mayor Mark Mallory and City Manager Milton Dohoney, Jr. announced that the City of Cincinnati and Duke Energy have reached an agreement on the Streetcar project. Under the agreement, Duke Energy will begin moving its utilities now, while a court determines responsibility for the relocation costs later.
The City and Duke have also agreed to an operations plan for how Duke and the City will work in partnership once the Streetcar is operational.
And Milwaukee is making some progress, though right now it looks like Cincinnati will get there first:
The city plans to release the proposed route of the Milwaukee streetcar project by late spring or early summer, and hopes to begin construction of the streetcar guideway in spring 2014.

The schedule was included in a filing with the state's Public Service Commission. The PSC has not yet ruled on whether the city or utilities must pay for moving utility lines out of the way of the streetcar route, a cost utilities have estimated at more than $55 million.


Say What? said...

Is the PSC not controlled by Walker ? I think the answer is clear of this is true.

Say What? said...

It's nice to see cooperation. Geez - wouldn't it be nice here in Mikwaukee.