Monday, January 7, 2013

WI Is #1 In Powerful Lobbies, Spineless Leaders [Sic]

How else to explain that:

*  Wisconsin is the only state in the country to treat a first-time drunk-driving arrest as a ticket, not a misdemeanor. So drunk drivers get one freebie under the law.

*  Wisconsin is the only state to allow the use of dogs in wolf hunting. And when your dog gets ripped apart, the state, by law, will buy you a new one. Rightly, you ask - - who writes these laws?

How is it that Wisconsin cannot assemble legislative majorities with enough common sense, on basic non-partisan issues, to do the minimum - - legislating that hasn't baffled lawmakers in the other 49 states to deter drunk driving on public roads?

Or to prevent added harassment of wolves, or cruelty to dogs unleashed into predatory, pack animals' territory - - as all other states with wolf hunts have managed to figure out by simply saying "No!"

The answer is that too many legislators are so controlled by special interests that they cannot or will not consider a bigger picture.

They are taking an oath of office today for a new term, but too many will have their fingers crossed behind their backs when it comes to putting the public interest first.

The proof:

The Wisconsin Legislature, beginning Monday, will rush to make Wisconsin the only state in recent memory to willfully undercut, without shame or a sense of history, long-standing treaties with a sovereign Native Americans tribe...and thumb its nose at the US Clean Water Act...and dismiss as if it were a windshield flyer for discount pizza the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine's guarantee of unfettered access to clean water by helping a politically-aggressive mining company dig a massive open pit mine where miles of the Penokee Hills now stand in Northwest Wisconsin at the headwaters of the Bad River and perilously close to Bad River Ojibwe tribal rice-growing waters.

Not to mention Lake Superior.

None of which need acidic mining runoff.

Led by and for Scott Walker, these GOP-gerrymandered, Tea Party-certified, right-wing financed majorities in both legislative houses could easily make the Wisconsin Legislature the worst in the country, and worst in our history.

Maybe they can update the state bumper sticker to "We're In A Thoughtless State."


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin also has the only sitting Governor in the nation with a criminal defense fund!

Expect more "divide and conquer" radical extremist legislation -- that's the only way walker can keep the out-of-state multinational corporate billionaires he works for contributing to his criminal defense fund!

And while the Wisconsin media echo-chamber has played us all for stooges, all repeating walker talking points non-stop about "unity" as a massive circle-jerk, walker's already told his out-of-state billionaire backers that more "divide and conquer" is on the way!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that my tax dollars are now going to buy dogs for people who hunt wolves?

James Rowen said...

Your tax dollars now replace a dog killed by wolves during the bear season - - when dogs are allowed in hunt.

Say What? said...

So here's the deal wacko wolf hunters. If you're old dog is dying - go send him on a hunt. Attach some meat to his back and send him sniffing. In no time, you'll get a nice check from Walker. Cruel you say? Old or young - it's the same cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Silly Madison liberals. There are no treaty rights which are being ignored; dogs used for hunting wolves cannot be compensated for if they are injured while hunting wolves; there are no plans to pollute lake Superior, or any rice beds. You may benefit by taking a class in investigative journalism. But then you wouldn’t be so hilariously funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no plans to pollute??!!! Please pull your head out of the fraking sand.