Monday, January 7, 2013

Wisconsin Law Ensures Animal Cruelty, Wolf-Dog Fighting

A Dane County Circuit Court judge said last week that hunting dogs cannot be released for training purposes against wolves, and he castigated the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for failing to write rules to address the dog-training/wolf-tracking issue.

But Judge Peter Anderson also ruled that state law, as written, allows dogs to be used in actual wolf hunts.

During his consideration of a lawsuit on the training issue brought by Wisconsin humane society plaintiffs, Anderson had barred the use of dogs in the wolf hunt that has recently ended. His ruling last week lifted his ban.

A further explanation about this decision is here.

An obvious way to prevent wolves - - territorial, predatory animals - - and dogs from fighting when the wolf hunt begins anew this fall - - and to save taxpayers the cost of paying hunters for replacement dogs according to current legislative mandate - - is for the Legislature to ban the use of dogs in wolf hunting.

As do all other states.

Wisconsin's Legislature established the so-called modern wolf hunt last year.

What kind of a modern hunt guarantees that dogs and wolves will fight?

I have no interest in posting them, but there are photos on the Internet of hunting dogs that have ventured into wolves' territory and the results for the dogs are horrifying.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear of an Irish wolf hound? They were specifically bred for the purpose of hunting wolves. There still must be too many wolves out there if so many hunting dogs being used for other purposes are getting killed by them.