Saturday, January 12, 2013

Walker PSC Deliberately Cuts Big User Rates, Raises Residential Bills

Homeowners are getting the shaft, and Walker's PSC chairman Phil Montgomery says it's no accident:

"Is it by design? Yes. We believe it helps in job creation," said Montgomery, one of two Walker appointees on the three-member panel that regulates utility rates in Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

One more reason retirees might want to consider moving to another state and spending their money in their local economy and create job growth for them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Walker's objective is to create an economic train wreck -- this is what the media uses to justify all the divide and conquer which is actually directed by multinational corporate interests like the Koch brothers.

Anonymous said...

When will Walker & Co. realize that you can't grow jobs by taking money out of consumer hands? ACT 10cost 10,000 jobs [public employees and teachers].These incomes along with salary now going to pensions and insurance means all that money is removed from Wisc.economy.Our economy is consumer demand because of no money means no jobs!The $1.53 billion given to corporations and big business went into their pockets not to increase demand and result in job growth! Wake-up... it's not rocket science!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Anonymous 10:22am hits it. The goal is to funnel as many benefits as possible to the rich and corporate, and then FUBAR things so badly that the next one in charge can't fix it.

Look at Milwaukee County over the last 10 years since Walker took power and you see the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Jake- sounds like Bush eh?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18

You are assuming that the multinational corporate interests that underwrote his ascent to power and now fund his criminal defense fund give a damn about the rest of us.

They don't -- Walker& Co will NEVER "realize" what you say because it isn't in the plan.

But this is: Multinational corporate interests do not need Americans to manufacture products and they can restructure their multinational corporate interests to be profitable beyond avarice without American consumers.

The don't need us as producers OR CONSUMERS.

This is the "divide and conquer" that Walker proclaimed to his largest in-state donor -- a billionaire that pays ZERO in state income taxes.

Sue said...

Dear Mr. and Ms. Middle Class Wisconsin:
The public employees and poor people of Wisconsin want to thank you for finally stepping up and doing your share to make Scott's vision a reality. You and we will be given many more opportunities over the next few years to work together to help Scott make Wisconsin the kind of place where you can stand tall if you work hard and are standing on a wad of cash. Oh wait, sorry, I meant the kind of place where you can stand tall if you work hard and know the right people. Oh wait, I meant if you work hard and don't question authority. Oh, well, you know what I mean.
If this new development upsets you, just remember, Mr. and Ms. Middle Class Wisconsin, at least you'll never get hit as hard as poor people in this state. Whether it's regressive sales taxes taking the place of a state income tax, reduction or loss of the earned income tax credit, or just generally getting shafted, our poors will always take the brunt of it in Scott's world.
Anyway, thanks! Those good jobs should be along any day now.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Anon- 2:22pm.

Why yes, it does seem a lot like Scotty's "cousin" Dubya, doesn't it?