Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dismissive Talk Radio Name-Calling On Mining Bill Disclosures

WTMJ-AM's afternoon righty radio talker Jeff Wagner had this reaction to the disclosure today that an out-of-state iron mining company benefiting the most from a bill weakening Wisconsin environmental laws was allowed a hand in writing the current draft speeding to approval:

"No kidding."

And for anyone complaining about it:

"Absolute idiocy...Give me strength!"

Through several platforms, Journal Communications - - Wisconsin's largest media company - - serves up this fact-free, biased name-calling 24-hours-a-day.


ProudPublicEmployee said...

Keep exposing the MJS and it's media cohorts. Perhaps someday Wisconsin's greatest city will get the progressive radio it deserves.

Say What? said...

Maybe we can get some radio station to patch in Sly who is coming back on the air Feb. 4th. He'll be doing the 3-6 shift.

Reagan's Disciple said...

They'll get progressive radio and it will last 5-6 months, as it does everywhere else.

b said...

There he goes again, Rayguns, sneering just to let us know he's here. He sneers, therefore he am.

He won't comment on anything substantive, because that would expose his ill-informed, illogical and false talking points that he pretends are facts to the light of this blog. Or he might make an arrogant prediction or two, carefully selected to be non-provable or vaguely-worded to be deniable or fudgable at the time of reckoning.

He's tiresome. Can't he go on his warm-weather vacation already?

C'mon Rayguns. Give us your dissenting opinion on the post that James thoughtfully constructed -- with facts and stuff. Please explain Fighting Bob LaFollette and his coporation-busting, worker-supporting, public domain-valuing, Republican ways. Let's hear something different from you, Bill Kramer.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Wagner's show has to be the worst of all WTMJ's right wing yack programming. Only good today is at least Jeffery was away from his obsession, talking about sex.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

B- Rayguns needs his Mommy to tell him when to go on vacation. Oh, and the Kettle Moraine District calendar.

But both he and Wagner are classic examples of GOP affirmative action, and if there was anything remotely resembling balance on the Milwaukee airwaves, you'd see progressive talk get good ratings, as it does in Madison.

The only reason angry man radio stations get better numbers is because they happen to be on the same frequency as the Brewers, Packers and Badgers. And even that won't be true in. 10 years, when many of the shutins who listen to that crap will have died of old age

Boxer said...

b = Boxer. The prior comment is from me.

Boxer said...

Thanks, Jake. I'm thankful my kids don't attend the KM district. I'd hate to have Rayguns' wife for one of their teachers. She's probably REAL cranky, having to put up with his anti-teacher bs, well, his anti-everything bs.

I know a lot of teachers who are proud of what they do and the service they provide to their communities. I can't think of one teacher who isn't 100% supported by his or her spouse, a person equally proud of the teacher's profession and contributions.

Teaching is a tough enough job, without having to come home to an arrogant know-it-all who doesn't think what you do all day is valuable. If I were her, I'd encourage Rayguns to take that warm weather vacation now, and let her enjoy her spring break without him.

Bon voyage, Rayguns!

enoughalready said...

How can one not conclude that by pandering to the right wing Journal Communications is doing serious damage to our community?
Thanks, James, for telling it like it is. I stopped listening years ago to talk radio of any sort. Instead, I much prefer WUWM.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Boxer- Actually, I think Rayguns attends KM HS. It adds up with the Kane responses and refusal to deal with reality.

I have confidence the little guy will evolve out of it if he ever gets out of the Walkershaw County bubble

Anonymous said...

"They'll get progressive radio and it will last 5-6 months, as it does everywhere else.

It is true that progressives just don't have the talent for spitting bile into the ether in 3 minute chunks and then breaking for ads.

Not sure why a conservative would gloat over this, though.