Monday, January 21, 2013

The Hypocrisy Of Wednesday's Mining Hearing Comes Into Focus

There was a time not long ago when Republicans in Wisconsin railed against using state power to change the rules to suit the players.

That was before they took control of state power, including the DNR.

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And speaking of the the DNR: when Scott Walker picked her to run that agency because she had "a chamber-of-commerce mentality" - - yes, he really said that...  builder and former government-basher (the ironies get richer) GOP state senator Cathy Stepp had written a partisan blog posting not only ripping the DNR - - a favorite pasttime of righties before they got their hands on power there - - Stepp went into rhetorical overkill about what she said was the other party's systematic, rule-bending hypocrisy to get what it wanted...

...Stepp-as-blogger/future DNR Secretary closed out her screed with a self-inflicted look-who's-talking accusation, reprinted below just she typed it, with all her precious, heavy-hitting punctuation goofs, spelling flubs, high-decibel capitalization intact:
It's always the fine print in these things that have the heaviest hit.
Just another example of the democrats game plan: Change the Rules to Fit the Players.

Shout it with me, now: HYPOCRISY, THY NAME IS DEMOCRAT.

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