Sunday, January 13, 2013

Millions More Acres To Be Lost To US Sprawl

That's a lot of lost farm, timber and wetlands:

Scientists at the US Forest Service and partners at universities, non-profits and other agencies predict that urban and developed land areas in the US will increase 41 percent by 2060.  Forested areas will be most impacted by this expansion, with losses ranging from 16 to 34 million acres in the lower 48 states.  The agency highlighted the results of a new study in a press release issued last month.

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Anonymous said...

George Carlin had the right perspective on this, F#CK THE FARMERS!

"Can someone please tell me why farmers are always whining and looking for a handout? If it isn’t a drought or a flood, it’s their bad loans. I was always told farmers were strong, independent people who were too proud to accept help. But sure enough as soon as something goes wrong, they’re looking for the government to bail them out. And they’re the forst ones to complain about city people who live on welfare.

F#ck the farmers.

They’re worrying about losing their land? It wasn’t their land to begin with, they stole it from the Indians. Let ‘em find out what it geels like to have your land taken away by some square-headed (explitive deleted) who just came over on a boat. They wiped out the bears, the wolves, and the mountain lions; they spoiled the land, poisoned the water table, and they produce tasteless food.
Why is it in this capitalistic society all businesses are expected to succeed or fail on their own except farming? Why is that?"