Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walker Says He Has Concerns About Electoral College Changes, But...

Are you lulled into complacency by his 'thinking'?

Remember, this is the same guy who said said Act 10 had kept all collective bargaining rights "intact."

And has had only 40% of his statements vetted by PolitiFact rated true at any level, with more ratings on the false side, like this one:

Walker's fresh Pants On Fire falsehood today [Monday] sent me back to check the full record. It'd been a while.

Well, if only 40% of your ratings have the word "true" somewhere in the finding because you dieseling on like you were still in talk radio, echo-chamber fact-free mode, I guess you're doing really well.


Anonymous said...

If this was in YOUR journal communication's newsletter, it has to be true, becuase today's propagandists don't write about reality -- THEY CREATE IT.

Thanks for doin' your little part.

Betsey said...

Don't forget the full-out assault on workers' rights he called "a modest proposal."

Anonymous said...

walker will do what the folks that pay for his criminal defense fund tell him to do.

Its really just that simple -- why does anyone listen to walker when we can just ask out-of-state multinational corporate interests what walker will do to keep their cash paying for his high-priced chicago criminal defense lawyers.

Reagan's Disciple said...

I wouldn't be in favor of this in WI unless every state in the country did it the same way.

I know we currently have Maine and Nebraska, going by congressional district, but the is usually only 2 EV either direction.

Sooner, rather than later WI will be a red state again.