Sunday, January 20, 2013

Army Corps Of Engineers Twice Cited Flaws In State Mining Bill

In the summer of 2011, the US Army Corp of Engineers notified the Walker administration by letter that legislation with so-called streamlined mining application reviews supported by the GOP would conflict with existing Federal law and procedures.

This would lead to more costly, longer reviews.

I wrote about it, here.

The Corps again noted the faster-tracked mine permitting application process likely to be included in the mining bill headed for a rushed state legislative hearing Wednesday in Madison will conflict with the extensive and controlling existing federal procedures.

Any mine that affects federal wetlands would need corps approval. State Sen. Tim Cullen, a Janesville Democrat, released a corps timeline Friday that said that process could take between two and four years.
So why rush forward with a bill that sets up delay?

Because Walker and the GOP-led Legislature are more interested in passing a bill that meets political goals - - pleasing the mine developer and shipping up projected job numbers for news releases and campaign ads - - than they are interested in actually implementing a job-creating agenda for Northern Wisconsin, protecting the environment and respecting the wild-rice waters, land and culture of the Bad River Ojibwe band.


Anonymous said...

This is all about ginning up another crisis to distract from the fiscal mess walker created and grandstand that the feds are preventing walker from attaining his jobs jobs jobs promise.

The purpose is to create a faux platform for walker to take his grandstanding to the next level -- running against washington (and today's walker tweet confirms).

You see, scott walker is from the poor side of the george herbert walker clan -- a related to george herbert WALKER bush and George WALKER bush.

There is a reason oil and gas billionaires the koch brothers have invested so much in walker's career -- the media won't tell this story nor will they provide and REAL objective reporting on what what walker is.

The media created this fake rock-star be repeating his talking points into the Wisconsin media echo-chamber. The right-wing national echo-chamber has dutifully picked it up.

The lie of "objective journalism" created this monster and the mining bill has nothing to do with jobs or mining.

Its about DIVIDE AND CONQUER and taking the propaganda road show across the nation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - he'll blame it on the Feds. Truth is - this will be in courts for years and Walker will be long gone.

Anonymous said...

anon -- don't dismiss walker entirely -- he will be "long-gone" from the governor's office. The plan was always to yank him out of there before fiscal crap hits the proverbial fan.

This is about pickin' a fight with the feds and exploiting it to continue the "rock star" lie -- this time, nationally.

Sure, there's lots of evidence that John Doe and Fed investigations will pull him down, but that conjecture assumes a lot of things -- like that our criminal justice system actually works when a BUSH family member is involved.

Scotty is from that clan -- related to facist George Herbert WALKER (namesake of prez 41 & 43)

History shows our criminal justice system reverts to a MASSIVE FAIL when America's first-criminal family is involved.