Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Illegal Wisconsin Bear Hunts Bring Criminal Sentences

I had noted this story about illegal killing of bears in Wisconsion in a Journal Sentinel op-ed some time ago and want to close the loop with this news story about the outcome.

Four men who had been the subject of a six-year undercover investigation by state and federal authorities have been convicted of charges related to illegal bear hunting in northern Wisconsin.
Greed and ego lets people do terrible things to living creatures, since the state already sanctions and encourages a large so-called "harvest" of Wisconsin black bears.

You'd think that the 4,400 bears killed legally last year in Wisconsin - - and the number has been higher - - would be enough to satisfy the need and opportunity for what some call "the ultimate family sport" in our state.

Apparently not - - and, by the way, the bear hunting lobby is pushing for the use of dogs in the wolf hunt, as is currently permitted in the bear hunt.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I guess the people who like guns just like killing other creatures.

No wonder they want to expedite the spread of guns through the country, it will make for more creatures dying.

It's an attitude I have difficulty understanding.

Anonymous said...

Hey! what about the illegal killing of elk!! are you some kind of idiot or what??

Gareth said...

In conversations with locals in northern Wisconsin this summer I discovered that there is not much love for bear hunters who use dogs. They seem to have a bit of a thuggish reputation. It amazes me that this small group of people can have such influence over hunting policies, to the point where taxpayers actually reimburse them for the dogs which they willfully put in danger and are killed.

A. Wag said...

Hunting bears or wolves with dogs is barbarism, pure and simple.

cathy said...

The hunt clubs, safari international, hunter's rights coalition, NRA paid big $$ to get walker in office..he in turn has let them write the hunting laws..I know I go to the WCC meetings and the DNR board meetings..I am given 3 min to talk I am not allowed to say a word after that..I hear them they are freaks thrill killing wonder they are pic with dead animals between their legs! it is all pay back scott suder is writing the laws ..why should 1% of the pop(who hunt) and a smaller than that who trap, get to decide on our wildlife? they do not need to hunt wolves..esp with dogs it is leagalized dog fighting!!! so gross