Monday, January 14, 2013

TV Reporter/Conspiracy Theorist Questions Sikh Temple Shooting

An anchorman at the Cincinnati, Ohio Fox News station questions the official accounts of single-shooter, high-profile mass killings.

Journalism, or fear-mongering?

“Take the Wisconsin temple shooting. Multiple people reported 4 shooters on the building. Even in the ‘fog of war’ it would be difficult to mistake 1 person for 4,” he wrote.

The Barron County Facebook page was also distributing these crazy notions:
I believe our GOVERNMENT shot those kids and teachers and used Adam Lanza and his family to pull it off. 


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

well, it's certainly not journalism.

Anonymous said...

I understand why people think the government is out to get them -- the republican party is lead by economic terrorists that ARE out to destroy most working families.

And scott walker promised his biggest in-state donor "divide and conquer". One political party IS conducting class warfare and economic attacks on the vast majority of Americans.

The massacre conspiracy teabaggers are just looking at the wrong side.

Reagan's Disciple said...


Why would the republican party be interested in destroying "most" working families?

Just for fun?