Monday, January 28, 2013

Gov. Archer Fabrication's Pants Are Flaming, Again

Internet trolls pound away on their word processors in anonymity and their know-nothing cousins routinely call right-wing talk shows and blather on after gun mayhem to 'argue' that baseball bats and hammers and cars kill people, too.

So why don't you ban them, huh?

Well, Gov. Walker got into that NRA-scripted 'don't blame-the-weapon' act the other day, and had a full-blown talk radio 'say-anything-you-want' moment when he said there had been a bow-and-arrow murder near a Wisconsin school.

But...oops...that never happened, PolitiFact documents:

"We just had someone last week in Neenah near a school kill someone with a bow and arrow."

Scott Walker on Thursday, January 10th, 2013 in a news conference

Talking gun control and Sandy Hook, Gov. Scott Walker says person was killed near a school with bow and arrow

Pants on Fire!


Anonymous said...

Scottie (aka John Doe) when you can produce a real example of someone killing 20 in under 2 minutes with a bow then let's talk.

Anonymous said...

the wording of his statement sounds like he hired a hit man who uses a bow and arrow. hmmm... after he told the fake koch that he considered planting people to disrupt the act 10 protests, maybe this needs looking into.