Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Straight Shooter Found At Walker's Troubled WEDC

Media have been filled with stories about lost loans, poor communications, absent oversight and institutional incompetence at Scott Walker's signature Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (Scott Walker, Founder and Chair).

But while Walker has ducked responsibility and pointed his finger everywhere else - - the national economy, President Obama, the recall election, the Affordable Health Care Act, sunspots (OK, that was Ron Johnson on climate change :) - - give Lisa Johnson (no relation to Ron), a senior, finger-pointing-free WEDC official credit for directly confronting our state's ranking of 47th for business by Forbes:

“The study came out and we’re 47th,” Johnson says. “We suck. We’re bad."
Would that Walker could be so honest - - but wouldn't you know that he's gone the other way, inflating and igniting (per PolitiFact) his job creating record, and, more recently, exaggerating the number of jobs a mining bill would create.

Now -- that's bad! And sucks.

But does not surprise.


Anonymous said...

Of course walker can't admit it and needs to play dumb about it -- but he HAS acknowledged it and will CONTINUE TO ACKNOWLEDGE it.

However, with the media's help, he will take nor be given any responsibility for it.

But he WILL use it to this is how Scott Walker operateslaunch more "divide and conquer" economic terrorism -- .

Walker has already told his out-of-state multinational corporate billionaire backers what he has for store for us in the next budget.

It will be very ugly indeed -- he's playing possum now and the media is spreading his talking points -- creating pro-walker propaganda.

Boxer said...

Lisa is an endangered species. Get her on the list--while there still is one.