Monday, January 7, 2013

A First For A Sitting Governor, Perhaps

Scott Walker earns an eye-catching editorial headline in a mainstream Madison publication:

Scott Walker: Liar


Anonymous said...

Mainstream publication? HA HA HA HA. If he is so bad, why don’t you just recall him?

Anonymous said...

Why are you given any credibility to LEE ENTERPRISES for telling the truth? Cap Times is just a brand that is used by the rest of the propaganda publisher to maintain market share and provide cover for the vast right-wing slant and talking points that dominate the rest of there media assets and the rest of the content subtle pro-walker talking points in Cap Times and 77 Square.

Perhaps the headline is noteworthy, but it is not an indication that there is any real journalism there.

Want to know just how big a liar Scott Walker is? The folks over at VOICES keep track for you:

[Updated Regularly] Scott Walker is Wisconsin's Deceiver-in-Chief: It Ain't Polite, But It's Demonstratively True text