Thursday, January 17, 2013

Highway Lobby, Walker Cronies Want 5-Cent Gas Tax Increase, More Fees: Report

So says state media:

OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) – A report to state lawmakers will recommend increasing the gas tax and raising vehicle registration and driver’s license fees.
The Oshkosh Northwestern reports Thursday that the report to be delivered next week will include those options and others...
They've been telegraphing this for months:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five Cents On The WI Gas Tax?

The Madison Capital Times is reporting that adding five cents in taxes to the cost of a gallon of gas in Wisconsin is among the options nearing final consideration by the Walker-no-new-taxes-administration.
Or here.


Dave Reid said...

Yup, it should go up.

Anonymous said...

Expect the OPPOSITE of what scott walker proclaims and what Journal Communications, Lee Enterprises and Gannett endlessly repeat.

Total taxes pays and user fees for Wisconsin residents are going UP and over the years, will increase MASSIVELY.

Anonymous said...

Does scott walker tell the truth about anything?

James Rowen said...

@Dave - - I expected you to add "if transit gets a fair share."

Anonymous said...

this is an impt recommendation getting a lot less play - Enact legislation to allow for regional or local transportation initiatives supported by county or local sales taxes.

Anonymous said...

I received a polling call the other day about transportation. The questions were on the order of how do we fund more road building? Take money from health care, education or raise the money through fees including tolls. There was no mention of public transit.

Unknown said...

Stop wasteful highway expansion projects like the West Waukesha Bypass and then see if revenue is still needed. This project alone could save $65 million. There's no oversight! The only reason it's being built is that it's been on the map for 50+ years. This is exactly the reason it shouldn't be built!

Reagan's Disciple said...

The only reason it's being built is that it's been on the map for 50+ years.

Because the congestion and difficult traffic flow have nothing to do with it, right? Try driving on "TT" at 7-8am or 4-6pm and then come back here and say that the bypass isn't needed.

It is a narrow 2 lane road that is a main artery for traffic on the south/west side.

It may have been on the drawing board for 50 years, but it is about 25 years overdue.

You're confusing Me said...

Heaven forbid that you would post anything to clarify the issue.

From WXOW: A report out Thursday from the Transportation Finance and Policy Commission recommends to state lawmakers that the gas tax be increased by 5 cents to generate revenue for infrastructure improvements. Walker says he wants to find other ways to fund transportation-related projects and does not support the gas tax hike.

I doubt that John Antaramian
or Dave Cieslewicz, members of the commission and appointed by democratic state legislators would appreciate being labeled a Walker Cronie