Monday, January 28, 2013

On PolitiFact, Walker Usually In False Categories

Walker's fresh Pants On Fire falsehood today sent me back to check the full record. It'd been a while.

Well, if only 40% of your ratings have the word "true" somewhere in the finding because you dieseling on like you were still in talk radio, echo-chamber fact-free mode, I guess you're doing really well.

Though I suspect you'd be unhappy if your kids brought home that kind of report card and expected a pat on the back for the score.

And I'd throw the red flag and ask for a review of one "True" finding that should have been disallowed because it was way too trivial for PolitiFact's consideration in the first place:

The one awarded him for knowing that Wisconsin is called The Badger State because early miners like the one on the state flag burrowed into the ground to make a living.

Like badgers.

I'll bet that State Capitol tour guides tell visiting school children that story. It's on a par with knowing that we make a lot of cheese here, or that Wisconsin has an NFL franchise that plays in Green Bay and is not named the Bears.


Anonymous said...

One of the native people who opposes the mine project reminds us that any flags before the present state flag would have pictured Indians.

enoughalready said...

I am wondering why you do not call out the governor for his false statements in your higher profile JS column. Or an op-ed? You obviously have the facts on your side, and Walker does deserve it.

James Rowen said...

To ER - - I will get to that. Most of my postings there are about Walker.