Sunday, January 13, 2013

WI Mining Bill Creating Links With Int'l "Idle No More"

Pushing an open pit mining bill into the Penokee Hills in Northern Wisconsin, at the headwaters of the Bad River, at the doorstep of the Bad River Reservation and over the tribe's objections is creating a link with the "Idle No More" movement in Canada and other states.

And, via Facebook, in Madison.

Mining proponent arrogance is backfiring.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your sentiment, but if you think this is "backfiring", you are not paying attention. Just like proclamations in 2011 that Walker had "overreached" were not helpful, neither is the wishful thinking that the people behind the radical extremist agenda thought that it things would be any different.

This is economic terrorism and its purpose is to provoke and then instill fear.

This is EXACTLY the kind of divide and conquer Walker and his corporate allies seek. That is why we need to be more thoughtful and direct about what we are up against.

Can we win this fight?

It will be a long haul but if anyone things this is a miscalculation on the part of multinational interests and that they can be shamed into doing what is right, they are not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

If this is the same tribe that illegally shot elk, over-speared lakes, failed to stop the wolf hunt and foolishly tried to night hunt deer, I wouldn't worry too much about them. The bill will pass, and the mining will begin.

Anonymous said...

anon is regurtating the swill from Journal Communications, Lee Enterprises, Gannett, Clear Channel, and a handful of other mainstream media outlets.

Of course, anon is wearing his ignorance and racism as a badge of pride. It does not good to refute even though even a child can see that Native Americans have sovereignty on their nations and were granted other perpetual rights in the ceded territory.


Too bad you can't screen some commenters by an accurate assessment of their stoooooopidity.

The good news, though, is that posters like idiot anon above proudly display their hateful and uninformed views clearly in even a short string of prose.

Mitch said...

"The bill will pass, and the mining will begin."

It probably is true that the bill will pass. But then the *lawsuits* will begin.

cr8f said...

Yep. The tribes have rights we gave them before this was even a state and passing one law does not change them.

Anonymous said...

The Bad River tribe is NOT standing down over this mine and yes the wolf hunt did happen, but this is a whole different case with the mine vs. hunting laws ... its on their ceded treaty lands that expresses the truce, trust and agreement the right to sustain a quality of life by cultural environment which includes, the rights to harvest, fish, and hunt.

By the way ... the elk hunt was not illegal ... they got the permit to hunt the elk for ceremony.

The Bill can pass all day long ... the mining will never commence on the tribal ceded lands.