Friday, January 18, 2013

Uncertainty Alert: House GOP Will Propose Three-Month Debt Limit Increase

Scott Walker has repeatedly tied his job-creating failures to that which the private sector hates the most - -  uncertainty.

Walker has pointed to the uncertainties present in Obamacare, his recall election and federal fiscal matters - - so he's probably objecting on the phone right now to Paul Ryan over the House Republican plan to raise the federal debt limit for only 90 days.

And then what?

It's all too uncertain.

Oh, the humanity!


Anonymous said...

The jobs Scott Walker did save, teachers, and other government employees and the method allowing him to do so ACT 10, was upheld in it's entirty today be the Seventh District COurt of Appeals.

Thank you Governor Walker!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...


Anonymous said...

Yes by two right wing activist judges. Just a bump in the road. Glad your so happy 5:28. I bet you got off on this.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Jobs that Walker did not CUT, do not count as jobs that Walker SAVED. Not how it works.

Walker hasn't saved a single damn job to date, other than his cronies and crony-adjacents.

Anonymous said...

7:39 - Would you have gotten off on teachers getting fired due to massive state debt?

I don't think I'll ever understand what makes you left wingers happy.

Anonymous said...

Zombie -
Now that Act 10 is no longer an issue the protesters can look for real jobs.
Oh wait - the President negotiated another year of extended unemployment benefits.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You mean the long-term debt that went up by more than $500 million in Walkers first year? That debt?

No, you don't understand. Limited-capacity weaklings like you never do,

Reagan's Disciple said...


Jobs that Walker did not CUT, do not count as jobs that Walker SAVED. Not how it works.

How come Obama was allowed to do that with the stimulus spending?

Anonymous said...

Need someone point out an inhibiting factor supporting locating a company in Wisconsin?

The images of Wisconsin's workforce and the potential strife an employer would encounter was broadcast world. Potential employees carrying protests (picket) signs in Madison WI during the recall and Act 10 debate had a chilling effect.

I wouldn't blame Scot Walker with his efforts to create jobs.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And here I thought "job creators" we're risk-takers that drive the economy. You're saying their whiny weaklings who get scared off if they can't get every tax break and can't drive wages down to poverty level (we already have the 2nd lowest manufacturing wage in the Midwest).

No dude, the problem is the old WMC -style oligarchs that would rather spend money on Scott Walker than have our state invest in training and education to provide big-time returns to business and the economy.

It's no coincidence that a real job creator like Judy Faulkner at Epic will have nothing to do with WMC or Walker. She knows that the people protesting Act 10 were right, and are the backbone of our state's economy.

It ain't working, son

Anonymous said...

No Jake,

I'm saying if potential employees act like children and don't want to work, I'll take my business elsewhere. Palermo's Pizza might be one to leave.

You had better rethink the poeple protesting ACT 10 if you think the're th backbone of our economy. Most are government employees.