Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Walker, Pro-Mining Legislators Are Ignoring

The Bad River Band already has the power to establish the standards for water quality that flows through its reservation, and where its waters sustain its wild rice beds.

To clarify, and emphasize: It's not up to the state, or the mining company, to set these water quality and usage standards.

The Journal Sentinel's Lee Bergquist spelled this out in 2011.

The Bad River band of Lake Superior Chippewa said Wednesday that the Environmental Protection Agency had approved its application to set standards for water quality on tribal waters. 
The approval also allows the tribe to impose limits on water uses on others outside the reservation who live upstream... 
One aspect of the regulations allows the tribe to ensure that the quantity and quality of water from upstream sources do not affect the health of wild rice – a matter of cultural importance to the Bad River.
Any GOP legislator listening?

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Anonymous said...

They aren't ignoring -- this is how "divide and conquer" works.

The media propaganda machine is on their side -- there is a glut of iron ore right now -- no need to start the mine.

There is a need to get walker on a national platform hammering the feds -- that is what this bill will do.

And if they start their mine? They can start the ecological destruction and just let the ore sit until the market price goes up.

And if they poison the water?

GREAT -- MORE DIVIDE AND CONQUER -- walker can then be the "environmentalist" that subsidizes multinational corporate interests to provide potable water up there.

The media is complicit with this -- rowan, you spend too much time on the surface issues which are actually a distraction from what is going on.

This entire mining bill is less about mining and much more about propaganda, media manipulation, and inflamatory divide and conquer politics.