Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barrett And Clarke On CNN Tonight. What Happened?

11:00 Summary - -  Clarke was exposed as having little residential 911 responsibilities in the the city, regardless. And Clarke looked as lost as was his argument when Morgan wanted to know how many homeowners had used weapons to defend themselves, and Clarke had no data. So Clarke came off as someone on a PR tear, but without much reason for it.


Feel free to weigh in, as this goes on...

You can access Sheriff Clarke's Arm-Yourself radio ad, here.

8:24 - - Well, we're still waiting for these guys to make their remarks. We did get to hear AZ Gov. Jan Brewer come out against gun confiscation - - which Morgan told Brewer no one is proposing - - and got to hear Brewer tell Morgan knives and swimming pools kill people, too.

#Walker and bows and arrows, remember?

8:28 - - OK, after the break. I hope Morgan asks Clarke how many City 911 calls his agency takes. I've heard 1%.

8:31 - - Clarke! No cowboy hat.  Disappointed. He says he's not afraid to engage the citizenry? Who accused him of that.

8:33 - - Barrett skewers Clarke over jurisdiction. It's the city coppers who show up and Clarke is responsible for the freeways. And Morgan accuses Clarke of putting on a "Hollywood voice." Zounds!

8:34 - - Clarke is exaggerating his responsibilities. Barrett's got his angry face on.

8:35 - - Morgan asks Clarke for statistics about the # of people in Milwaukee who defended themselves with guns and Clarke says he has no idea.

8:36 - - Morgan is not letting Clarke speak. This is not going well. Talk radio will do another post-debacle Tea Partier rescue, a la Ron Johnson, but Clarke isn't enjoying this.

8:41 - - Now Barrett is up. Barrett cleans up Clarke's misinformation about furloughs, and responses. And tries to refocus on the larger issues - - an internet, off-the-books gun sale that led to the mass killing at Avena spa. Barrett wants better background checks.

8:43 - - Clarke is bringing up the beating Barrett took near State Fair. Does he think that Barrett should have been packing?

8:45 - - Clarke will not answer a direct question about background checks.  Runs on about local crime. Great PR for the city, Sheriff.  Ego is served!

That's it. 


Anonymous said...

clarke has a huge and growing base of support because of all the anti-intellectual, uninformed, and ignorant people around this county, but more important to clarke and his political ambitions, neighboring counties.

Our schools really suck to make it possible to be a successful teabaggin' politician running on disinformation and outright lies.

Thank a teacker and then lets all march around the capitol in massive display of group stooooopidity and uuuuuunion solidarity.

It is sure a good thing that teachers unions stand up for teachers' right to not teach and now we have a huge mass off stoooopid while our schools continue to be dumbed down.

And more stooooopid people go into education.

Paul Berge said...

Terrible interview. I disagree heartily with Sheriff Clarke, and there appeared to be a bit of a time lag problem between Morgan's studio and Milwaukee; but Morgan ought to have let Clarke finish a sentence once in a while.
He also ought to have let Mayor Barrett debate the sheriff. Barrett might have been able to counter Clarke's idea that it would have been nifty if the mayor had shot the guy who attacked him with a crowbar.
Morgan probably knew nothing about that incident; his repeatedly arguing that a sheriff shouldn't advocate people owning guns got us nowhere.

Reagan's Disciple said...


What does it matter how many homeowners have defended themselves with a firearm?

You can go cower under your bed and hope that nothing happens in the event of a break in, but I'm not going to take that chance.

Regardless of what Clark says, it is my right as a citizen to defend myself, my home and my family with a firearm if I so choose and there is no British talk show host that is going to tell Americans differently.

Having a law enforcement officer simply telling people that they are responsible for protecting those lives is common sense. I'm not really sure why this is even an issue worthy of news.

Morgan was just uttering nonsensical questions, knowing there was not an answer for them and then trying to minimize Clark and his office for not answering the questions.

I guess we can see why CNN is consistently losing the ratings battle with FOX. They can't even find an American to debate constitutional issues. I'm glad we have Democrats like Clark who understand the 2nd Amendment.

Molon Labe

Reagan's Disciple said...

@anon 5:45,

When you say the schools continue to be "dumbed down," are you agreeing that they were being "dumbed" down prior to Act 10?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

there is one person who is frightened and cowering here, and it's the one behind the firearm.

It matters how many homeowners defended themselves BECAUSE it demonstrates how unlikely the occurrence is.

Meanwhile, those guns in the hime are far more likely to cause injury or death to one of the residents of the home.

Reagan's Discple said...

Zombie you are hilarious.

The person afraid and cowering is the individual on the business end of a .45, certainly not the one standing behind the trigger.

That individual cowering when a gun is pointed at them can be you the sheep, or it can be the wolf who is the home invader.

The great news is that this is the United States. You can make your choice and I'll make mine. As much as you wish, you are not going to change the constitution. Your choices are then, 1. Get over the fact that guns will always be in homes. Or, 2. Move to a country that bans weapons and where everyone is always safe.

Molon Labe

James Rowen said...

To RD: I am not posting your trooper story because Snopes.com says it's an online legend with many variations.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

actually, there are more choices than in your binary worldview.

I can choose not to live in fear and hatred.

I can choose to work for sane firearms regulations, and help to avoid a few of the thousands of annual gun deaths.

I can remember that it is not necessary to answer every threat with killing force.

I can decline to have a dangerous weapon in my home, and keep my family safer.

The great news is that this is the United States. I have as much right to petition my elected officials for sane gun regulations as you do to own a dangerous device that has been proven a threat to your family.

And at that, STILL there is no one proposing a gun ban.

Reagan's Disciple said...

And at that, STILL there is no one proposing a gun ban.

Apparently you missed the Feinstein presser last week? The one with her hoisting up all those guns.

Are you suggesting that she was not a proposing a gun ban?

I can remember that it is not necessary to answer every threat with killing force.

Correct, however some threats may require it. It may never happen to you or me again, but either of us could be confronted with this tonight. I would rather be prepared.

I can choose not to live in fear and hatred.

Who is afraid? Not me. Who has hatred? Not me. Your liberal talking points are just some more failed rhetoric. I won't bite, nor will I be labeled as something I am certainly not.

I can decline to have a dangerous weapon in my home, and keep my family safer.

Apparently you are either not comfortable enough or don't have personal responsibility to own or possess a firearm.

I think you may be right on this one, you probably shouldn't have a firearm in your home.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Living in such fear that you think you may need a gun AT ANY TIME must be an awful way to live.

Apparently you are either not comfortable enough or don't have personal responsibility to own or possess a firearm.

LOL. I guess you sure showed ME, huh?

I won't bite,

You just did.

Apparently you are unable to read for comprehension, especially all the links and references James has posted to the statistics showing that the presence of a gun increases YOUR risk FAR MORE than your risk of facing a gun.

Reagan's Disciple said...

First, when did I ever say that I need a weapon "at any time?" I didn't, but nice try.

As a responsible gun owner who has taken multiple training classes in the use and safety, it may increase your risks, but not mine.

I know how to use a firearm and when it is appropriate to show or use the weapon. I know how to secure the weapon in my home and I hopefully will never have to use it. However, in the case I may need to defend my own or a family members life, I'll be ready.

You can choose to keep your head in the sand, but unfortunately bad things do happen to innocent people all of the time. In the meantime, I'll choose to be prepared.

PS. I see you also missed responding to your "no one is proposing a gun ban" remark. Care to make a retraction?