Thursday, January 17, 2013

One More Thing About Walker's "Bold Vision"/Washington Put-Down Speech

I noted when I live-blogged Scott Walker's State of the State speech that he enjoyed bragging about his tenure's "bold vision" - - a compliment better offered by someone else. Anyone else - - as well as claiming that Wisconsin was doing better than Washington.

You want to know what bold action is? Out of Washington?

Read the President's historic list - - dare I say, offering a "bold vision" - - of Executive Orders and legislative proposals to combat gun violence.

Putting him at odds with the most powerful lobby in the country and that has already gone after his kids.

The lobby that didn't lift a finger towards real, life-saving reforms in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Two of which happened in Wisconsin - - at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, and the Avena Spa in Brookfield - - and about which Gov. "Bold Vision" Walker didn't lift a finger towards prevention or reform.


Anonymous said...

walker is a very little man that has found a niche because he is a distant cousin of George WALKER Bush.

Our tiny walker, however, is not from the rich side of the family -- but he is a decendant of one of the 20th century's biggest facists -- GEORGE HERBERT WALKER.

scottie hides behind a louisville slugger baseball bat pretending to be in control. scottie has never had a real job in the private sector yet boasts he could make "the big money" there.

in fact, his divide and conquer temper tantrums would not allow him to be part of a business team which may be one reason he plays a "business expert" on your TEE-VEE.

Of course, the likes of scott walker are not really significant without a massive propaganda campaign by fox news and wiscosnin's circle-jerk of media -- an oligopoly dominated by lee enterprises, journal communications, gannett, and clear channel.

walker is being groomed for bigger things -- taking his facist act to a national level. His handlers will have to yank him out of here before the absolute disaster becomes too hard for the media to prop-up, so unless the john doe and related fed investigations take him down, expect to hear a lot about walker on a national platform by 2016.

Wisconsin's media shills and pro-walker propaganda tools may be able to cover for him through the 2014 election cycle, but they can only lie about Wisconsin's economy, job stagnation, and welfare so long.

Anonymous said...