Thursday, January 17, 2013

Data Of The Day, Tweeted


The GOP's 49% negative rating is the highest we have ever recorded. Tea Party movement also saw all-time high in neg rating

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Anonymous said...

This is a very disappointing post -- surely you know better. I respect your work, so please don't take this personal -- you are dead wrong here.

Daily Kos was proclaiming the same thing in 2008 -- even mocking the party with a GOPosaur graphic. We know how that one turned out -- they took back the house in 2008 and put the brakes on everything obama wanted to do, even bringing America to default.

Perhaps the problem is that, as part of the mainstream media punditry, you refuse to acknowledge some basic facts entirely related to the media which you are a member of.

1. Propaganda works! Wisconsin is largely a news vacuum and most people consume propagada disguised as "objective journalism". WPR is actually as bad as WTMJ-AM in terms of news value, though without the 24/7 ranting of limbaugh wanna-bes.

2. Dems here and nationally need more than an 8 pt advantage in the recorded vote to win legislative power -- this is HUGE and this gerrymandering was done in secret. There are still lawsuits being filed, but the media entirely ignores that challenges are pending.

3. Wisconsin counties that do not use central vote tabulators, entering election data into Excel spreadsheets have expected election totals -- consistent levels of support as voting wards are aggregated. HOWEVER, the rest of the state and key counties have anomolies where republicans earn a larger percentage of voters as voting wards are aggregated at the central tabu tor -- MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE -- law of large numbers. Republicans have not only gerrymandered districts to remain in power, but our closed, proprietary, and non-verifiable election totals are shaved -- nationwide, it appears they are flipping between 4-6 percent. Same in Wisconsin.

The media is directly or indirectly complicit with all of this -- especially point #3 above.

Walker's recall was STOLEN and if GAB would release ward-by-ward data (which they don't - they hide anomolies via agreegatoin) this theft could be proven.

But the media for which you pontificate for will not cover this and neither will you.

So please spare us the proclamations that repugs are going away -- this is just another lie and does nothing to change anything -- in fact, it makes things worse because you are distracting from the real issues.

Which maybe is your purpose -- after all -- you are part of the media that props up this dysfunctional charade.

More here:

Four Wisconsin Elections: A Pattern of County Unit/Ward Vote Share Anomalies

Winnebago County Walker Recall: A Probability Analysis of Differences between Optical Scan and Touch Screen Vote Counts

Election Fraud 2012: Simple Algebra of Early, Election Day and Late Recorded Votes

Please don't be another KOS and mislead your readers that the repugs are going to just go away -- ain't gonna happen.