Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paul Ryan Still Campaigning Against Women

Romney/Ryan lose in landslide.

Nothing learned:

In an unsurprising turn of events, Ryan has signed on as cosponsor to the Sanctity of Human Life Act again. The original bill — which declares that life begins with fertilization, and would give states the right to ban all abortion, even in the cases involving incest, rape, or the life of the mother — thankfully died in Congress in 2011.


Anonymous said...

You mainstream media guys just don't get it -- blogging from a more progressive persepective doesn't actually cut it either if you are unaware of how ryan and the media exploit this.

Its all about TARGET MARKETING principals -- the media will not give this coverage beyond their right-wing assets that promote paul ryan and right-wing agenda anyhow. It is red meat tossed out to their base.

You can point this out here, but we already know that paul ryan is a lying sack of feces.

What we need to have, in order to actually make a difference, are large-scale media boycotts (sponsors too) and a dialog about how PAUL RYAN IS NOT THE PROBLEM!

There's a long line of folks ready to step up as the next "policy wonk" and "numbers buy". These images are illustions created by the media.

Paul Ryan shilling for corporatist interests and the Koch brothers is NOT NEWS.

The medias promotion of him and his entire agenda is -- that type of perspective and reasoning is totally absent here.

So just what is your purpose beyond generating page views?

That is a legit objective -- but is there any more to this site? You could call out the media for its roll and be well-positioned to do so -- why not?

Anonymous said...

Life begins at conception, period. Paul Ryan is correct and thank goodness he's co-sponsoring this legislation again.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

There you go, Pall rAyn. Just keep on beating that dead weiner, it'll never be a pig again.

Yeah, listen to Luntz: if only you can find a NEW WAY to package your hated ideology in a more pleasing package, THEN the girls will all like you!

Prattle on about conception all you want, Nonny Mouse. The reality is that there is no scientific basis for such a claim, that the only support is right wing religious ideology. And enforcing that in a nation of diverse religion, where that religious diversity (including a rejection of religion) is protected by the Constitution (and protected more strongly than the most Holy Second, The Book of Armaments) is actually the unconstitutional action you keep accusing Obama of.

Paul Ryan is a dimwitted ideologue. The only reason he is lauded as some kind of policy wunderkind is that in the Republican Party these days, the pool is so shallow that a modestly gifted Pomeranian that can walk on it's hind legs would stand out.

Anonymous said...

Before a child can grow in a womb,there is conception.

If baby killing is your cup of tea, your birth might have been pre-RvW.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Before a child can grow in a womb,there is conception.

Non sequitor. Before a child can grow in a womb, there is dinner and a movie. So what? Doesn't mean not going to dinner kills a child. And doesn't make an embryo a person. You can believe that if you wish. I prefer to live my life without myth.

If baby killing is your cup of tea, your birth might have been pre-RvW.

If you're all so worked up about killing innocent children, why aren't you (tough to tell, since most of the conservo-trolls on this site refuse to go by any nym other than the Universal Anonnymoose) all over the gun regulation threads? Or the ones about the drone program? There's some REAL child-killing going on.

Seriously, I always love this argument. Since I support a woman's right to choose, and I was born, my mother must not have had a right to choose. It's like you think you might offend me by making me realize my mother had sex!

How do you know my mother did not make that choice before or after me? Almost every woman who chooses to terminate a pregnancy either has already had a child, or will. And I realize it always surprises the forced pregnancy crowd, but abortions occurred BEFORE Roe v Wade. I KNOW! How is that POSSIBLE?

I will tell you this; I know for a fact my mother used birth control. Is that shocking? Not to me; most women do.

But yeah, you and Ryan just keep on trying to control women. It's WORKING SO WELL!

Unknown said...

Law, as conceived by the Founders, by any Enlightenment thinker you care to cite and by most jurists is NOT about morality. It is about the keeping of civil order and the maintenance of our most precious freedom - not gun-toting, but freedom of conscience. Morality is your business, not that of the government.

If you think abortion is immoral, don't have one - the law doesn't CAUSE abortion it merely sanctions the individuals who do have abortions.