Monday, January 28, 2013

Righty Talkers Keep Leaving Out Key Hillary Clinton Phrase

They say she said of Benghazi at her hearing last week "what difference does it make," but they leave out part of her rhetorical question and the point she was trying to make to clueless Ron Johnson - - "What difference, at this point, does it make..."

Big difference.


Ron R said...

Yes. What difference does it make that my boss and I lied through our teeth months ago. You can trust us to not do it now. I'm sure if Gov. Walker had said this your post would have been the same and had the same level of praise and support.

(Heavy sarcasm warning for James)

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ron- Get some help for those projection issues. We all know you don't care what really happened, and sure wont do anything to fix it.

Walker and WisGop are on 6 convictions, federal subpoenas for redistricting tactics, and more John Doe charges coming shortly (read the criminal complaints). Your whiny self really does not want to go there.

Heck, you're so deeply in the bubble that you can't see the 2014 Dem landslide coming, can you?

Anonymous said...

but most peeeple don't have the mental abilies to process all of billary clinton's big colleje words.

In skooool, we dumbest everymathing down so why not more simple versions of clinton's fancy-schmancy colleje/new york times crossword puzzle languaje too?

ron johnson must have gone to publik schools -- speaks like a pre-teen -- THANK A TEECHER!

Let's give them all BIG PAY RAISES!

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make, at this point, that I, Senator Johnson, don't bother to attend classified briefings on the matters I grill the Secretary of State about on TV?