Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Glenn Grothman Prepping For MLK, Jr. Day?

Before we're buried in reviews of Scott Walker's State of the State speech and budget plans tonight (fudge job-creating, cut transit, cut schools, fill waterways, blast the Penokees, poison the Bad River, show the Ojibwe who's boss) - - let's not forget that we're just days from from Monday's annual Federal holiday signed into law by Pres. Ronald Reagan to memorialize the life of assassinated civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Which means GOP State Senator and Cultural Anthropologist Glenn Grothman could be touching up his remarks about the insult and injustice he finds in the King day off:

Which the State Senator warned against in 2011 as:

..."an insult to all the other taxpayers around the state" who may want to get in touch with government offices... 
Grothman told the State Journal that he doubts state workers would be "checking out DVDs or reading books" about King and would probably just be out shopping or watching television instead.

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b said...

Glenn will be dressing in black face and watching "Birth of a Nation" again this year.