Thursday, January 17, 2013

Talk Radio Creep-Out

WTMJ-AM's Jeff Wagner, conceding he's using the Packer-free ending of his NFL season to catch up on "junk TV," lets listeners know today he's been watching by himself (his wife walks away) on DVD or Netflix the mob film "Looper" and the STARZ TV series "Spartacus" - - lots of nudity, heads being chopped off, "extremely" fare.

He was on his way to some kind of 'point' alleging that Pres. Obama, friend of Hollywood, omitted violent TV and films from his critique of gun violence for political reasons - - but I chose not to drive around the block to listen any further.

Radio. The theater of the mind.

Thanks for the image.

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Anonymous said...

Wagner has an obsession with anything that concerns sex, or the bizarre. His true calling in journalism should have been the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.......