Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guns In The Home Attract Criminals

The word gets around; theft is one way guns get on to the street and into the hands of criminals.

Without having provided the Rock County owner any protection:

At gunpoint, the men demanded access to a safe and stole several long guns, a few handguns and ammunition. They also took an undetermined sum of cash before fleeing in a 2011 Ford F250 pickup truck, with Wisconsin plates - GL7661


Anonymous said...

Guns locked up in a safe are not going to be much of a deterrent to crime. Yet, that is the owners choice, and they were obviously not owned for the purpose of self protection. Some people own guns specifically for hunting, shooting or just collecting. The second amendment also protects these rights although its original intention was for the ability to defend against threats to freedom. I am guessing that the victim of the crime will not be keeping all of their guns so inaccessible in the future. Also note that the police department did not prevent this crime, and as long as law abiding citizens face these kinds of threats they should have the option of protecting themselves as guaranteed by the constitution.

James Rowen said...

Not addressed in that comment: the risk to safety now distributed into the community.

Anonymous said...

Armed criminals are what puts the community at risk. The wisdom of the founding fathers ensures that there will be the means to defend against them.

Anonymous said...

The founding fathers, anon 12:06 were bit stooooopid enough to have done what you proclaim out of ignorance.

The founding fathers were very disappointed in folks like you and your ilk, but they tried to create a system that protected your life, liberty, and welfare.

Even though you actually HATE almost everything America actually was suppose to stand for along with more than 60% (perhaps 90%) of U.S. citizens -- the founding fathers protected your right to sprew toxic trash that originates from a TV network owned by foreign multi-national corporations.

The founding fathers certinaly DID NOT ingrain TREASON into the Constitution -- you have no right to make political statements with guns or murder.

The founding fathers did not want standing armies -- so because of the times -- wrote into the nation's founding documents a system for the commmon defense via a "well organized militia" of citizens.

I know you can only furrow your brows and pretend to read anything like this -- that's all stoooooopid people chose to learn. But I key it because I know there are others with IQs greater than their shoe size that stop by here.

Anonymous said...

Silly liberals, there will be no new gun control laws passed. The second amendment as drafted by the founding fathers will ensure our right to defend even those silly liberals will remain.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:45

stoooooopid bagger, Second Amendment does not give you the right to own any kind of gun you want -- but like stated above -- you can do nothing more than raise your eyebrows and squint, pretending to read, pretending to comprehend.

And then you continue spewing toxic stooooooopic crap you heard on your TEE-VEE or from the propaganda-hate meisters at WTMJ.

Repeat your nonsense over and over -- pretend that your repetition makes it true.

The rest of us and the SCOTUS know better.

Are you going to be stoooooopid all your life or are you an ol' fart that has been stoooooopid all your life?

Anonymous said...

The second amendment is quite clear in its intention to ensure private gun ownership. It would be more honest to promote repealing it rather than to twist it to mean things other than it does. Either you support defending the constitution, or you don't. Freedom of speech does not always end in good results, but we understand that the alternative is much worse.

One thing that does happen every time the gun debate comes up is that more people buy guns and join the NRA.

Anyone who trusts the government so much to protect them that they give up their own means to self defense usually end up being victims of that government.

Anonymous said...

These gun nuts drive me crazy. There is no need for the public to own ANY firearms. I don’t care if you want to shoot poor, harmless animals or think that it is just a fun thing to do. You are insane, and there is no need for society to support your insanity. The only people who should be allowed to own guns are the federal military and police. Local police forces which are not part of the federal government should not be allowed to own guns either. Only that government which is the ultimate authority of the land and has the collective support of the entire nation should make and enforce laws which need to be standardized for the entire country. Individual states or local governments need to be disarmed as well as the public. Only the federal government should have guns, and only they should have the decision making power over us all, otherwise some idiot redneck state will become a haven for gun nuts and put the rest of us at risk. The federal government should now be powerful enough to enact an executive order to confiscate all those guns in the country which are not owned by them and only then will our children be safe.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me the second amendment makes it clear that only members of a well-regulated militia have the right to have guns.

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ anon 7:03;

I'm guessing you are being sarcastic, because the thought process used in your post is simply idiotic.

How would you suggest the federal government physically go about seizing firearms? Should they issue a simultaneous search warrant for every individual, apartment and home in the country.

Or, maybe if they just ask real nice everyone will come and turn them in, including gang members, criminals, oh and the local police.

I've been reading this blog a while and your post is probably one of, if not the dumbest post I've ever read here.... and that is from someone who disagrees with most of the others on this blog.

I think it may be time for you to open the Monday lid on your pill container and take whatever you have in there.