Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walker Adopts 'Moderate' Agenda; Don't Forget 'Modest' And 'Truly Progresssive' Walker Plans

A more moderate Walker? Is that like a more healthy deep-fryer, or a more safe cigarette?

Remember when he called his union-wrecking "a modest, modest proposal"? H/T, Bill Lueders.

Or when he told Congress he was "truly progressive?"

So far, moderate for Walker this session seems to mean:

*  Mountaintop removing, treaty-negating, acid-runoff, special-interest mining.

*  Securing vote-suppressing, purely-partisan Voter ID.

Chairing Mismanaging a job-creating agency that lost track of millions of state dollars.

*  Claiming the creation of tens of thousands of non-existent jobs. Truly off by a modest 75,000.

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Gareth said...

With their recent failure in statewide elections, as opposed to gerrymandered legislative races, Wisconsin Republicans probably want to keep everything on the down-low until after the Supreme Court election. They certainly don't want to stir up the opposition and voter turnout for that contest. After continued conservative domination of the court has been guaranteed, they will suddenly discover a new popular mandate for a more extreme agenda.