Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walker Catches Break; Plant Closings Are Out-State, Less Visible

The direct and indirect job losses from plant closings announced last week in relatively rural Marathon County could exceed 1,600.

Imagine the political storm if that were to take place in Milwaukee, Madison, or Green Bay.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Not sure about that. The biggest swing to Walker in the 2010 elections was along Highway 29, and especially the Wausau area.

Think a lot of those losing their jobs mighta voted for Walker without knowing what he was about? You bet they are. If that area even falls to 50-50 (and it'll be worse than that for Scotty), Walker can't win.

James Rowen said...

So far I do not see any reports from Mosinee or Brokaw by major, outside media. I know newsroom staffs are smaller and budgets tighter, but these are major developments with widespread economic and political consequences, and an important story is going unwritten.

So far.