Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Add Two Rivers To List Of WI Plant Closing List

Brokaw, Mosinee and now Two Rivers. Note to Gov. Walker: It's not working.


Jerry Person said...

This is in correct. It is working. The GOP is destroying the economey so Obama will not be president. They do not care about the people in Wisconsin. As the people of Wisconsin know . It is not who votes that counts. It is up to the waukesha county clerk.
Like when Van Hollen was elected. She counted 22,000 more votes than cast. The US attorneys office is protecting them at all cost. It is because they are GOP appointees. There is not one honest member in the US attorneys office. It is a protection rackeet for the GOP nothing more. The US judges and District attorneys are the best attorneys MONEY CAN BUY. Justice is a myth or a sick joke in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Two Rivers and now work there and live in neighboring Manitowoc. I can tell you Two Rivers and the area do not need this. Did Scott Walker cause this plant to close and this company to ship its 300+ jobs to Mexico? Surely not directly (though I despise everything Walker stands for). But indirectly? Quite possibly he contributed. Walker's approach to creating a "positive business climate" entirely misses the point of what the economy needs. His approach seems to be that if we give businesses enough tax breaks, keep taxes low enough, and get anachronistic things like unions out of the way, businesses will flock here and bring 250,000 jobs with them. What he does not seem to perceive is that, purposely or not, we are forcing Wisconsin employees to compete with Chinese and Mexican wages. Businesses are not leaving Wisconsin for some abstract notion of a "poor business climate" here, or because of "high taxes." They are leaving for cheap non-union labor, period. If we want them to stay, we have to bribe them, ala Mercury Marine and Harley, and stand by and watch while they eviscerate their unions. Walker, by his actions against public employee unions, is abetting them -- implicitly sanctioning their actions. At the very best, Walker's "policies" will lead to a future described on a sign I saw during last spring's protests in Madison: "250,000 $9 an hour no-benefit jobs." Let's send this bum packing.