Monday, September 30, 2019

Walker, Tiffany & Trump. Talk about a toxic trio.

There's your modern Republican party, in which Scott Walker is raising money for WI GOP State Sen. Tom Tiffany - - the long-time Walker water-carrier and eager Trump tool who's running in a special election for Congress up North.

I'll post excerpts from Walker's fund-raising pitch below, and when you read it remember that it was Tiffany who a) asked climate science scrubber Walker to get rid of WI DNR scientists, b) later sped a bill to Walker's desk opening more of Wisconsin to metallic mining after c) having agreed to be Walker's go-to Penokee mountain top removal legislative insider, as I'd earlier noted:
  • David Storey, lobbyist for Gogebic Taconite, sent e-mails to then-Rep. [and now State Sen.] Tom Tiffany, and Walker policy adviser Eileen Schoenfeldt that discussed forming a "response team" to combat negative PR once the final mining bill was released. Read the emails here:[blog note: the link is dead]
    I took a look at the emails among Storey, the Governor's staff and Tiffany; towards the end of the file there is a request for a meeting with Tiffany and then a thank-you from the lobbyist to Tiffany for getting "on board." 
    With further thanks from the lobbyist for Tiffany "agreeing to play an important role," to be that important "someone within the legislative process in a position to respond..." and "agree[ing] to your individual roles..."
From Walker's pro-Tiffany fund-raising pitch:

I was thrilled when Tom decided to run because he is exactly what we need in Congress now: a staunch conservative, proven reformer, and unapologetic Trump allyHe is ready to stand up and carry the conservative mantle for Wisconsin...

Once again, the eyes of the nation will be on the critical state of Wisconsin in what will be the first real test of 2020. The Democrats and liberal special interests will flood our state with money and attack ads in the hopes of seizing the early election year momentum...

Tom was a trusted ally when I was governor...In Washington, Tom will be a trusted ally for President Trump and his bold, conservative agenda. He will defend the lives of the unborn and ensure our Second Amendments rights are safeguarded....

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