Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Walker cut climate science data, staff. Iowa won a climate science facility.

Minnesota isn't our only neighboring state whose environmental initiatives left Wisconsin in Walker's dust.

Remember, Walker deleted climate information, and slashed environmental budgets, and 
fired scientists and ham-strung clean energy development during an eight-year war on the environment.

And he also repeatedly turned aside federal funds for everything from passenger rail to broadband expansion to Medicaid support.

Deepening the ironies and the Walker damage done: while he kept saying 'no' to innovation, Iowa officials and faculty were affirmatively building and running climate-modified plant experiments in a specialized climate change facility supported by federal dollars known as the "Enviratron."

Iowa State University Combatting Climate Change Through Plants
“We want to understand how plants will respond to higher co2 concentrations or how do they respond to higher temperatures and higher nighttime temperatures,” said [Iowa State professor Steve] Whitham. “All these different factors experts are predicting could happen in the future.”
The Enviratron uses some robotics. I guess the Foxconn robotic coffee-maker is the equalizer.

By the way, though Walker lost his 2018 re-election bid, State Sen.Tom Tiffany,  the key Walker ally directly involved in the attack on DNR climate science and staff, is now running for Congress in a heavily-Republican NW Wisconsin district. 

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