Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Fitzgerald in the news, but Vos's presence is felt, too

It's certainly more Scott Fitzgerald's day than Robin Vos's. 
Fitzgerald plods into Congressional race
But while Big Fitz grabs the headlines, don't overlook the literal and cumulative  impact of - - 
A) Vos's budget and transportation politicking - - 
Vos, Walker blocked commuter rail in congested, deadly I-94 corridor
- - And B) also which Vos's budget politicking - - 
I-94 north-south funding is in Foxconn bill
The funding is contingent on also receiving federal money for the project. Getting that money is no guarantee, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said, but state leaders are hopeful given President Donald Trump’s role in recruiting Foxconn to build in the United States.
“With how interested the president has been in getting this deal done, it makes perfect sense because it’s one of the things Foxconn needs,” said Vos, R-Rochester. 
- - has had and continues to inflict on Southern Wisconsin, as the Vos effect crashes the news cycle:
Crash backs up I-94 traffic in Racine County again
- - and then, this. No lie
Second crash makes for miserable travel on northbound I-94 south of Milwaukee
Both crashes occurred in construction zones 
I know Vos is something of a Winston Churchill fan, but he's also living out the dictum of another leader who famously said, 'You can't scramble the traffic without breaking a few drivers.'

Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg


Anonymous said...

Was that last quote from Chris Christie? If it's not, it should be.

James Rowen said...

Good one, but no. Totally home grown here in the home office.