Friday, September 6, 2019

Sanctioned & subsidized WI wolf-dog encounters kill 18th hound since July

Friday, 9/5 Update: 18th hunting dog in two months, and fourth straight Plott hound, thrown to wolves as bear hunting season is only a few days old.

09/06/2019Douglas1 Hunting dog killed (Plott, 6-year old female)Douglas depredation siteDouglas depredation location map [PDF]
Those $2,500 WI reimbursements are going to be flying out of the DNR's hound reimbursement fund.

Thursday, 9/5 Update: The WI DNR reports yet another Plott hound killed by wolves, this time in Oneida County, bring the week's toll to two and the recent two-month count to 17.

09/05/2019Oneida1 Hunting dog killed (Plott, 6-year old female)Oneida depredation siteOneida depredation location map [PDF]
Until the state stops paying them $2,500 for each off-leash bear-chasing hound so lost, hunting dog owners in Wisconsin won't stop releasing their animals to chase other wildlife and be overpowered and killed by larger, pack-organized wolves. 

From an email forwarded this afternoon by the DNR:

Hunting Dog Depredated in Forest County 

On 9/05/19, USDA-Wildlife Services has confirmed that wolves depredated a Plott trailing hound in the Town of Alvin, Forest County.
The Plott hound which was killed may look like the one below. 

Its death would be the 16th hound death after an encounter with wolves in Wisconsin since the July-August bear hunt off-leash hound 'training' season ended July 31. 

Here is a DNR website with minimal information about the hound deaths.

The bear hunting season began Wednesday, September 4.

Hound owners are eligible for the state reimbursement even if they released the dog into known wolf territory, or near bait which attracts both bears and wolves, or if the owner is a scofflaw, a repeat reimbursement collector, and so.

Plott hound

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