Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Madison should not dump noise pollution on its low-income residents

I cannot believe Madison would consciously allow itself to become the poster city for a textbook environmental justice failure by levying a disproportionate share of measurable F-35 jet fighter 
F-35A off the coast of Northwest Florida
noise pollution on low-income residents who live close to the city's military air base.

The poor are already stressed and marginalized in countless ways. It's wrong to use public funding and state power to again make their lives even more difficult.

I don't live in Madison anymore, but I know its citizens and government officials in 2019 know better and can do the right thing.

I also recommend this comprehensive commentary by the Capital Times editorial board:
It is especially notable that the [draft environmental impact] report suggests that the increased noise pollution would disproportionately impact minority and low-income populations, as well as children. 
These are not the complaints of critics of the F-35 program. These are details from a report prepared by the Air Force and the National Guard Bureau, which we give credit for providing a thorough, 1,099-page report that assesses plans for basing 18 jets at Truax, as well as F-35 basings in locations across the U.S.

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