Monday, September 30, 2019

Trump's enabled by Johnson's own words, despite WTMJ radio's redactions

AM 620 WTMJ has posted a transcript of its morning interview with Ron Johnson.
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As per usual, Johnson is an embarrassment.

Some takeaways:

* He is a complete apologist for Trump. Nothing new there, but please read past the headline and file it under 'we'll see!' 

Senator Johnson on President Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo. 'Nothing could be further from the truth'
* The radio station also notes: 
We are sharing Senator Johnson's words in full, with some words redacted for grammar. You can listen to his full comments above.
Seriously, WTMJ. "Redacted for grammar?" What kind of news operation are you? What kind of reportage is that? Is it your job to clean up Johnson's struggle with the English language?

As a reader and consumer of news, I shouldn't have to be directed to a more than 46-minute recorded segment and compare it with a printed version which I can more quickly read and quote from to spot the redactions.

That's pretty dismissive of the reading audience and burnishes Johnson's persona.

And in the context of a political firestorm over a White House call transcript, brutally ironic.

* And New Yorkers and Wisconsinites alike should be insulted Johnson's superficial and demeaning stereotyping as well as his acceptance of Trump's interpretation of "his job' - - the Presidency, which is there to serve the nation, not one aberrant personality: 
"I realize the narrative from Democrats and most members on the media, putting the worst possible construction on that phone call. I've spoken with the President enough on the phone and in person. It's how he approaches his job.  
"He's a New York business guy, he's different than a Wisconsinite. When he says it's a beautiful phone call, I take a look at that, that it's a pretty gracious phone call."
Does Johnson think the way Trump "approaches his job" correctly extends to arresting the House Intelligence Committee for committing treason?

Or to Trump's reckless retweeting that his impeachment could lead to a civil war?
Trump on Monday was thundering through a new round of counter-punches against his opponents by hammering home the suggestion that they should be arrested and charged with treason and could launch a civil war – or a combination of those.
Remember, Johnson is chair of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee, as he often reminds us, but remains obliviously tolerant of Trump's descent into dictator mode..

Johnson's reflexive Trump embrace worsens a homeland increasingly imperiled by an unstable and dangerous President put in office by a minority of the voters, covered-up campaign finance violations and with Russian assistance. 

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Unknown said...

To be fair to WTMJ, Johnson can barely string a sentence together. He speaks quickly in that childlike way to cover up his lack of substance and coherence and then slows down when he really thinks he's found a life buoy talking point to drive home. He's not smart and it's always on display.