Monday, September 9, 2019

'8th Wonder of the World' to make coffee vending machines in WI

No, you didn't see that headline.

You got 'The Eagle has landed,' world-altering, hyperbole-heavy language, like this:
Walker: Foxconn is a transformational, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Wisconsin
Because if you'd gotten the truth, Walker's desperate willingness to extend the fiscal fiasco and environmental obscenity Republicans decided taxpayers would subsidize on primo farmland in the Village of Mt. Pleasant, WI would have made you laugh instead of setting you free. 

So now in year three of the Foxconn Sprawl-and-Stall we have learned that when it eventually opens at the Versailles-like Mt. Pleasant, WI complex it has pledged to build - - 

- - the company's gaudy, sci-fi video is still posted - - automated airport coffee vending kiosks and not jumbo TV screens will be the first thing off the assembly line. 

(Remember all the hype about those LCD products for whose finishing the diversion of Lake Michigan water was easily approved after officials said that was crucial to the deal. Never mind...though the permission is still there and piping infrastructure is being laid, whether you need Great Lakes water to make a vending machine.)

Just don't forget the coup which Trump self-promoted when he came to Wisconsin to announce "one of the great deals, ever...:" 
“This is the Eighth Wonder of the World.”
Were you thinking at the time - - I like my coffee the way I like my politics: subsidized and robotized.

So: insert money, select flavor, press 1 for cream and 2 for sugar, stir, and read more here about what happened after the Eagle landed:
...billions of subsidies were pledged, people were displaced from their homes, fake blight was declared, some of the best farmland in SE Wisconsin was bulldozed, a deadly highway expansion was funded, air pollution rules were weakened, environmental rules were bypassed in an area already beset by flooding, and a Great Lakes diversion was approved - - to assemble robotic coffee vending kiosks? 

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