Friday, September 13, 2019

Following Kewaunee Co. manure runoffs. And the followups.

Yes, that's "runoffs," plural, which helps explain why Kewaunee County clean water activist Nancy Utesch - - and others - - have said enough of this, already.

Manure flowing from a Kewaunee CAFO.

Several days ago I posted information about those repetitive manure flows into Kewaunee County surface water:

... this was a headline and story on Friday
Kewaunee County warns neighbors about drinking water after manure spill
The DNR says solid manure flowed off nearby fields due to significant rain on Thursday. The spill was first reported to the DNR Friday (Sept. 6) morning. The DNR says El-Na Farms, where the runoff occurred, is containing and collecting the manure-laden water.
The area's independent online media The Kewaunee County Comet has posted this informative followup on the El-Na Farms incident, and about several earlier polluting spills: 
UPDATE: Kewaunee County filed a civil suit against Kinnard Farms Inc. alleging livestock operation runoff and seeking a civil forfeiture on Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 10).
A contractor working with Kinnard Farms spread manure over a field along Chestnut Road near Pheasant Road shortly before a major rainfall on Aug. 7...Contaminated water reportedly flowed into Rio Creek and eventually the Ahnapee River... 
In the case of the El-Na event – which involved solid manure that was being incorporated into the soil but washed away in heavy rain before the job was completed – county Public Health officials went door-to-door to inform neighbors of a drinking water advisory. 
“It was not liquid manure, it was kind of like a packed solid sand manure that was applied – tons, not gallons – and they got two inches of rain and it flowed off,” [an official] said.
If Kinnard rings a bell, it's because it's been in litigation yet to be resolved with its neighbors, for years. By the way, the website for Speaker Vos' Water Quality Task Force shows no meeting held in or planned for Kewaunee County, despite the history of manure-linked water contamination there. 
New research indicates tainted Kewaunee County wells tied to manure pits


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To the MAGA crowd, this is feature, not a bug. Some people enjoy manure just like some people enjoy showers that are sometimes referred to as "golden".